Private Label Service.

We make "building your brand" a simple reality, with very simple steps. If you own a hair salon, work from home or you simply want to start your own business online or in-store, our Private Label Service will be ideal for you.

Personal Logo: we will Customize our packaging with your Logo or name that you desire, or you can fully customize your own packaging.


Look professional : Your own name or brand will give that extra touch to your hair extensions services that customers will admire.

No need to stock up on merchandise: Buy as you need, your packaging will be stored in our factory, any time an order is made from your account, you will receive your extensions in your branded packaging.

Generate income: Selling your own brand gives you the opportunity to mark-up your extensions to a price point you desire.

Wholesale pricing: As part of our Private Label Service you will receive the best wholesale pricing available.


Start your own brand today, see options below.