District Sales Director

Becoming a District Director.

At Identity our goal is to grow and become the first choice brand for high quality hair extensions in Canada & more.

We are currently looking to expand and reach every professional and salons in multiple areas and therefore we need sales directors in the zones or Districts.

The potential is Huge  :

Being the director of you designated zone you get the potential of making salons in the zone a new Identity Customer. Why is this important ? when a salon or professional in your zone becomes an Identity costumer every single time they make an order you profit a 10% commission, and that is LIFETIME Commission. it will never stop and commissions are automatically added to your account.

How much hair do salons order ? 

Well that depends on how busy the salon is, a salon that specializes in hair extensions can order about $2000 a month in average.   

How much work do i need to do ?

That is up to you , you could work strictly from home and contacting salons and professionals by phone or email. 

How much time do i have to work ?

There is no time required by us, You could just spend a few hours a week or dedicate more time contacting and helping professionals on a daily basis.


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