Tape-in Hair Extension Collections

 Double Drawn Tape-in Extensions 

We believe that tape hair extensions are not only the most valuable and cost-effective type of extensions, but it also makes your hair extensions look very natural with an amazing feeling that is light in weight.

Tape in hair extensions are REUSABLE, that makes them the most valuable type of extensions, also the time of application is much lower than micro loop and fusion hair extension, wich makes them most cost-effective when getting them done at a professional hair salon. 

All of Our Tape-in Extensions are Double Drawn, which is the highest quality hair available, same thickness from root to ends, to learn more about Double Drawn click here.

Identity Tape Hair Extensions
Our tape in Extensions uses tape as an attachment method. This almost invisible tape is attached to your natural hair root. The method is suitable for all hair types and especially for those with thinner hair because it blends perfectly into your own hair. Like every other
Our tape hair is 100% real Remy human hair. 
Tape Extensions are also reusable, once you remove them you will be able to add new tape and apply them to your hair once again.
Following the instructions for good care, these extensions should last for over 9 months or longer. 
How do you attach tape hair?
The process is very simple. You do not need to use keratin wax, chemicals or heat. 
We recommend that a professional stylist should be the one doing the application, as you need to take a small and clean section for optimal feeling and long lasting hair extensions.
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