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How to install your IDENTITY hair extension.

Clip in hair extensions 100% REMY

IDENTITY Clip Hair Extensions can be applied in less than 5 minutes in the comfort of your own home, without any help from a hair stylist. If you are looking for an easy do-it-yourself hair extensions method with no permanent bonding but still achieving your glam look then this is your perfect option.  

Step 1. Before applying your clip in extensions, practice opening and closing the clips by applying pressure to each side of the clip with your thumbs.

Step 2. Using your index fingers or a tail comb, make a clean horizontal part across your scalp about 1 inch from the nape of your neck. Secure your hair that is above the part using a claw clip or hair tie.

Step 3. Make sure all clips on the hair weft are in the open position. It best to back comb your hair when you are applying your wefts.

Step 4. Always attach the middle clip first. Slide the comb on the clip onto your natural hair and snap shut. Check if the attachment is securely in place. Repeat with the clips on the left and right side of the weft.

Step 5. Make sure the weft lies flat along your scalp and feels secure.

Step 6. Release the clipped hair above the part and use a comb to make another horizontal part? to 1 inch above the previously applied extension. Once again, clip your natural hair that is above the part out of the way.

Step 7. Attach another weft in the same manner as the first. Remember to always attach the middle clip first.

Step 8. Continue making horizontal parts and attaching the extensions as you move up the back of the head.

Step 9. Attach the smaller side pieces by making a horizontal part above the ear and attaching the clip in wefts in the same manner.

Step 10. Use a mirror to make sure no visible weft is showing. Done! You can now use a hair straightener or curling iron to style your hair extensions.




The Difference Between our 3 Shades of blondes: 

#60 Light Ash Blonde

Our Lightest Blonde with a slight Cool Tone. Perfect for those with Platinum or blondes with not golden tones.

#613 Bleach Blonde Very Light Blonde with a slightly golden tone
#22 Natural Golden Blonde Light Blonde with more Golden Tones than our #613 color
#18 Dirty Blonde Amazing color with a slightly cool tone That will blend in with many different shades of blonde.
#8 Light Brown Our Light Brown is a neutral color with a slightly warm tone.
#30 Light Chestnut A Beautiful Light Chestnut with Warm tones of copper and brown. A Shade Lighter than our #6 Chestnut Brown
#6 Chestnut Brown Rich Chestnut Brown With Deeper warmer tones than our #30 Light Chestnut.
#33 Mahogany Brown  Amazing Rich Colour, with dominant Copper and Some Red tones creating a Mahogany Brown.
#99J Purple Brown  Intense and Rich Colour with Medium to Dark Purple tones creating this amazing Shade.
#4 Medium Brown  Beautiful Medium Brown with a perfect Balance of warm and cool tones.
#2 Dark Brown  Our Dark Brown is very rich in color with a slightly warm tone, blends perfectly with multiple types of brown.
#1b Off Black  This popular Shade is the Darkest of the brown, almost Black yet not as Black as our #1
#1 Jet Black Our Jet black is our Darkest Shade, very Rich and Shiny.
#RED Amazing Fire Red, Most commonly used in our tape in Collection, will Definitely add some IDENTITY to you Hair.



We Provide 4 different Textures:

Available for all Types of hair extensions 

Available for all Types of hair extensions  

Available only for Selected Clip-ins

Available only for Selected Clip-ins