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The Difference Between our 3 Shades of blondes: 

#60 Light Ash Blonde

Our Lightest Blonde with a slight Cool Tone. Perfect for those with Platinum or blondes with not golden tones.

#613 Bleach Blonde Very Light Blonde with a slightly golden tone
#22 Natural Golden Blonde Light Blonde with more Golden Tones than our #613 color
#18 Dirty Blonde Amazing color with a slightly cool tone That will blend in with many different shades of blonde.
#8 Light Brown Our Light Brown is a neutral color with a slightly warm tone.
#30 Light Chestnut A Beautiful Light Chestnut with Warm tones of copper and brown. A Shade Lighter than our #6 Chestnut Brown
#6 Chestnut Brown Rich Chestnut Brown With Deeper warmer tones than our #30 Light Chestnut.
#33 Mahogany Brown  Amazing Rich Colour, with dominant Copper and Some Red tones creating a Mahogany Brown.
#99J Purple Brown  Intense and Rich Colour with Medium to Dark Purple tones creating this amazing Shade.
#4 Medium Brown  Beautiful Medium Brown with a perfect Balance of warm and cool tones.
#2 Dark Brown  Our Dark Brown is very rich in color with a slightly warm tone, blends perfectly with multiple types of brown.
#1b Off Black  This popular Shade is the Darkest of the brown, almost Black yet not as Black as our #1
#1 Jet Black Our Jet black is our Darkest Shade, very Rich and Shiny.
#RED Amazing Fire Red, Most commonly used in our tape in Collection, will Definitely add some IDENTITY to you Hair.



We Provide 4 different Textures:

Available for all Types of hair extensions 

Available for all Types of hair extensions  

Available only for Selected Clip-ins

Available only for Selected Clip-ins