Back Order?

What Back Order Means?

We supply many extensions to professionals hair salons and individuals From all over the world, this means our stock is up and down constantly, to make sure our customers can still order their hair extensions we provide the option to buy in Back-order.
Back-order means that the specific item is being produced, and by ordering in back order we make sure that you are first in line when the product is available for shipping. 
How Long Does It Take?
The time that will take for the item to be ready for delivery depends on the stage of production at the moment of purchase. the average time is 7 days. 
Some colors take more time to produce than others, that's why we indicate the estimated time to be ready for delivery as 7 to 10 Business Days. 


We try our best to make sure your waiting time is as little as possible while maintaining a high standard of quality in our hair Extensions Production.

If you still have any questions Please contact us, we are always ready to help you in any way possible.