Application for Tape -in Extensions to perfection.

February 28 2017 – Identity Hair

Application for Tape -in  Extensions to perfection.
Application for Tape -in Extensions to perfection.

In this post, we will show you every step to achieve a perfect Tape-in hair extensions application.

 Buying your Identity Tape in hair extensions is very simple.

  • First, Select the desired length and color.
    • we recommend adding 2" to your desired length, to give the hair stylist room for trimming and shaping the extensions to your natural hair.  
    • if you are having difficulties choosing the right length and color you can easily locate one of our affiliated hair salons and they will match your color and recommend the perfect length, and remember, consultations are always free of charge!  
  • How many hair extensions should you buy?
    • we sell full pack which contains 20 pieces, with approximately 50 grams each pack.
    • we used 2 packs (100g) for the model in this post.  
    • we recommend at least 2-3 packs for adding just length and 3 to 5 packs for a fuller look. 
What to do next?
  • Identity Tape in and micro loop hair extensions should be installed by a professional hair stylist.
    • There is a proper way to install the Tape extension, including selecting the right amount of hair with a clean and neat sectioning for an optimum feeling and long lasting extensions.
    •   You can find a professional hair salon affiliated to identity hair extensions through our website,   those affiliated hair salons will give you our discounted rate so make sure to check them out first. 
  • we are rapidly growing to new locations worldwide so if you have a favorite hair salon please let us and let them know so we can offer our discounted application fees. 

Now we will show how much it can change your look:

  • In this first picture, we can see that the client natural length is 14" and the desired length is 20".
    • we always recommend ordering extra 2" of the desired length, so your stylist has enough room to work with your hair.
    • In this case, we used 22" long Tape hair extensions.

  • The second image, you can see that we used 2 different colors, this way the extensions will look as natural as the client's hair. 
    • 1 pack of #613, which is a beautiful natural blonde with a hint of gold, and 1 pack of #60, which is a lighter natural blonde, together you will get a beautiful look forming a slight contrast of highlights and lowlights.
    • As you can see in the picture, our colors have this natural tone in them, making them look extremely natural.
    • Remember, our hair comes from a real person, so after washing the hair you will get a natural texture, sometimes with a slight wave, please follow the washing instructions that comes with your hair for a long lasting and healthier hair.
  • In this case, we order 2 packs, which will get you 40 Pieces, it's perfect for just adding length and volume at the ends.
    • each Piece of tape-in is around 2.5 gram for the 22"length.
    • its always recommended to order and extra pack in case you need to add extra pieces. 

after application


  • After the application is done, the stylist washed the hair, (sometimes you can add a quick toner if needed), and a hair mask or deep conditioner. 
  • the stylist then will need to trim and shape the ends to blend the extensions to the natural hair.
  • And finish with the desired style, you can straighten and curl the hair extensions as they are as natural as your own hair. 

Before and after Tape in

At the end, you can see that not only she added extra length but also is much fuller and thicker. With a color that is so natural that you can not see where her natural hair ends.

So don't wait any longer and get the hair you want without spending a fortune, we offer the best pricing and the most beneficiary reward program, that will save you a lot. 




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